Billie Clements

My full name is Bille Clements

My home is in Liverpool – Dubai – Ibiza. I spend my summers in Ibiza, and winters in Liverpool/Dubai

I love people who have don’t worry to much about anything and just have a ball! That my motto in life “Have a ball”

My favorite activities include : I love going away to different places on holiday, I love going to different cities and countries and seeing the nightlife, Vegas is my fav place to party! Amsterdam is my fav city!

My hobby if it is a hobby is going to festivals, I love festivals abroad I’ve been to so many, Ultra Music Festival in Miami is my fav or Snowbombing in Austria.

My favorite colour is yellow because it reminds me of the sunshine! Someone yesterday actually compared me to the yellow sunshine care bare!

I love to say “yeah no problem ” I say yes to anything and it is never a problem!! My most over-used saying is ‘probably’

My favorite meal: I do love mini kievs, smiley faces and spaghetti hoops every once in a while but when I’m being sophisticated my fav meal is from Australasia in Manchester, anything on the menu there is my fav! My favorite snack food is when I’m trying to be good is the apple & grape bags from the supermarket, or when I’m not being healthy its anything haha crisps, chocolate anything!

I am trying to be more organised I usually leave everything till last minute, I’m not messy though! I am very forgetful though its took me weeks to do this profile haha!!

My favourite place in Liverpool is my appt where I live! Its the BEST!!