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Danny Bramham a.k.a DANNY B

Presenter Danny Bramham

Meet 28 year old Danny Bramham (a.k.a Danny B) The man behind the decks every Fri & Sat from 7pm for Zest's "Livin' For The Weekend". Danny has been in the bar & club circuit since the tender age of 18 even running his own bar & club back in 2012 called "Funkiez"

"Growing up listening to Dance music shows on the radio is the main reason I started DJing. I remember driving to gigs in my 1994 Peugeot 106 with a sound system worth 3x the cars value, blasting the likes of Ian Longo, Denny Dowd, Anton Powers etc. My ambition was one day to be that guy on the radio.

Liverpool has always had it's own sound especially when it comes to Dance music and it's highly influenced my style for many years. To be given the opportunity to bring that sound back to the city every weekend is a massive highlight in my career & cant wait to get Liverpool jumping & Livin' For The Weekend Again"

Danny also likes long walks on the beach & dining at fine restaurants... but you mostly find him in the pub or a well know fried chicken restaurant devouring 20 hot-wings before the show.

"I love hot-wings me"

Danny B "Livin' For The Weekend" Every Fri & Sat from 7pm

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