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HEIGHT: 5 ft 7 (this is like Hinge)

STAR SIGN: Capricorn – I’m a stubborn old goat

BIRTHPLACE: County Durham

FAVOURITE ALBUM: I can only pick one??? At the moment it would be Nina Nesbitt, The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change

FAVOURITE FILM: The entire Fast and Furious Franchise – Vin Diesel, The Rock and Jason Statham in one place…with fast cars…yum!

SONG I’VE STREAMED THE MOST: At the minute I am slightly obsessed with Nickelback and Rockstar

HOBBY: Stand Up Comedy and following Newcastle United (basically just comedy)

FAVOURITE TAKEAWAY: Pizza, always pizza – ham and pineapple…yes pineapple, judge away!

FIRST JOB: I worked in a dodgy clothes shop in the MetroCentre – pay was rubbish and we used to drink Taboo out of mugs pretending it was tea to make the time pass!

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN: Keep your circle small! Oddly by my maths teacher in secondary school – we all thought it was because he was boring and so had no friends but turns out he really new his onions!



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