Dan Roach

Join Dan Monday to Friday from 10am, and after 1pm ‘You Choose’ the music.  ‘You Choose’ form HERE


My home is in Southport and I have lived here for many years (the neighbours might say too long!)

My friends are probably reading this waiting for me to mention Liverpool Football Club (all I ever go on about!)

I love people who are honest, funny and kind.

My favorite activity/activities include supporting Liverpool Football Club (there, I said it!) and I love to do this because it’s what us reds do!

My favorite colour is red because it reminds me of the above!

I love to say things on the radio inbetween songs and my most over-used saying probably contains words I can’t mention on here!

My favorite meal involves either steak or chicken curry and my favorite snack food is chocolate.

I am clean and fairly well organized!

My favourite place in Liverpool is LJLA because it means I’m going on hol somewhere hot and I like planes!