Dave Bolton

MY FULL NAME IS David John Boulton

MY HOME IS – Liverpool and lived here all my life.

MY FRIENDS ARE – I’ve got so many amazing friends, too many to list (You know who you are haha)
Justin is my best little buddy, he’s like my shadow.

I LOVE PEOPLE WHO – Are funny, creative and exciting. I also love people who are kind to people with disabilities.

MY FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE – Making music, playing music, listening to music, eating music and drinking music. Did I mention I like music? I also love going on Holidays and days out

MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS – Blue as it reminds me of Everton and Autism as my son Justin has Autism.

I LOVE TO SAY – Nice one

MY FAVOURITE SAYING IS – What ya been up to?

MY FAVOURITE MEAL INVOLVES – Thai food (Beef Massaman Curry is my favourite) AND MY FAVOURITE SNACKS ARE – Crisps (Salt & Vinegar)

I AM – a Happy-Go-Lucky kind of guy.

MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN LIVERPOOL IS – The City Centre because I love shopping and there’s so many boss places to eat and drink.