Jeff Nolan

My full name is Jeff Nolan.

My home is in Maghull and I have lived here for a long long time.

My friends are the people that keep me sane (and put up with me talking about music & football non stop).

I love people who don’t care what people think and be what they want to be. We only have one life so why waste anytime not being what you want to be.

My favorite activity other than listening to music is watching Everton and I love to do this because I’ve been going since I was 5 and I’d be lost without them.

My favorite colour is blue because it reminds me of Everton.

I love to say ‘anyone fancy a pint?’ and my most over-used saying is probably ‘brother’ (I call everyone brother especially after a few drinks).

My favorite meal involves pasta (I love a good spag bol) and my favorite snack food is a protein bar (I live on them).

I am a dreamer. But as a great man said ‘I’m not the only one’.

My favourite place in Liverpool is Goodison Park  because it’s the place all my hopes, dreams and fears live.