Kris K

My full name is Kris Kelly

My home is in Liverpool and I have lived here for 38 Years. I have travelled a lot though and seen a lot of places around the world thanks to the Royal Air Force and of course Dj’ing

My friends are funny people and have far too many to list.  I like anyone that likes to have a laugh and tell a joke or two. Life is serious enough as it is so it’s always nice to see smiles on peoples faces. 

I love people who talk shop (so to speak).  I can talk the ear of anyone once I get going providing it’s about something I know!  I think it’s just making conversation however the wife will disagree she tells me it’s annoying and boring.  Let’s chat!

My favourite activities include watching Everton with my little boy, watching box sets, riding white knuckle rides, watching films, listening to music, oh and eating.  I love to do this because everything in the list is my life and without it who would I be!

My favorite colour is blue because it reminds me of the mighty blue boys! COYB!

I love to say hun! So many people hate the word hun but I just can’t help saying it! and my most over-used saying is probably tar lar! #scouse

My favorite meal involves anything with pasta, steak or McDonalds breakfast.  My favourite snack food is hotdogs and chicken super noodles (something other than music that me and Tommy Mc have in common)

I would say that I am clean and organised, however anyone that knows me would say that I am messy and chaotic.  I’m always right!

My favourite place in Liverpool is my home because it’s where my wonderful family are, my wife, my son & the dog!  Don’t worry the pub was a very very close second!