Lisa Thomas

HEIGHT: 5ft 6

STAR SIGN: LIBRA – Very balanced apparently.
BIRTH PLACE: Liverpool
FAVE ALBUM: Love so many from lots of genres and eras but recently it’s Gerry Cinnamon, Erratic Cinematic.

SONG STREAMED MOST: At the moment Camel Phat, Rabbit Hole and anything by Hot Chip.

HOBBIES: long walks, up cycling furniture and just spending quality time with my partner, friends and family, nothing makes me happier.

FAVE TAKE AWAY: Thai and Chinese but to be honest I will eat anything.

FIRST JOB: aged 16 working as a receptionist for a chartered accountants in Allerton on a YTS scheme for £60 a week.

BEST ADVICE: Sometimes the advice you tell other people is the advice you need to follow yourself.

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