Mark Wright

MY FULL NAME IS – Mark Wright, not the one off  TOWIE!

MY HOME IS LIVERPOOL – I have lived here all my life.

MY FRIENDS ARE – the only people patient enough to put up with me spending ages doing my hair before a night out…or day out…or anything. I love people who can make me laugh.

MY FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES – include DJ’ing, supporting Liverpool Football Club and going to the gym.

MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS – black because it reminds me of 95% of my wardrobe.

I LOVE TO SAY – ‘ace’ and my most over-used saying is probably ‘we’ve conquered all of Europe…’ (usually when I’m drunk after a night out and start singing Liverpool songs, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend!)

MY FAVOURITE MEAL  – anything that DOESN’T involve me cooking it and my favourite snack food is Pringles.  I am the definition of last-minute!

MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN LIVERPOOL IS – Anfield because when Mo Salah runs down the wing there’s no place quite like it.

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