Tommy Mc

My full name is Tommy McFadden

My home is in Kirkby and I have lived here for all of my life apart from a few stints living away, Greece for example but Liverpool is where my heart is, that and where Tso’s is, gotta have priorities here.

My friends are, well, lets say “unique” and there are far too many to list.

I love people who know what they want and go after it with everything they have, I also love people who bring me food, precisely why I love my Wife, my daughter is only 4 so she’s on thin ice at the minute, all she brings me is her name written on paper, and its barely readable, not having that, she’s 4, she should have a Mortgage and a Pension sorted by now.

My favorite things to do include being with my girls, anywhere, for any reason and I love to do this because they are the reason Im always smiling. I also love to be in the studio writing Music, its the thing I do best and after over a decade of doing it I still get goosebumps when I write.

My favorite colour is Red because it reminds me of my first home with my Wife and Daughter, its a very warm colour and that house was stupid cold at the time of decorating so we did all we can to stay warm, it was borderline psychological warfare with a house that was freezing in the winter and hotter than the surface of the sun in the Summer, I reckon they put the insulation in backwards.

I love to say “CHOOOOOON” and my most over-used saying is probably “know what I mean” as recently pointed out by the lads at In Demand Studios, I’ve caught myself saying it quite a bit and its starting grate on me now, know what I mean?

My favorite meal involves any food that is within a 3 foot radius of my grid and my favorite snack food is Chicken Noodles and cut up Hot Dogs with a splodge of Tomato Sauce all mixed up into a variety of reasons I may die an early death.

I am a organised person for the most part but I can also be a meff sometimes, depending on what day it is and how awake I am.

My favourite place in Liverpool is the food court in St Johns, messin. My favourite place in Liverpool is Otterspool Promenade because there isn’t a shop for ages so me Wife can’t fleece me.